EA Sports is thinking about gameplay tweaks to Fifa 14 to deal with a number of attacking choices that feel subdued to people playing the demo and early access version of the game.

Composing on the official forum in a post signed “The FIFA Team”, the designer stated:.

“Our dedication to enhance FIFA 14 is ongoing, and regular feedback from our fans assists us prioritise and determine future renovations. We wished to take this opportunity to address a few even more items that we remain to work towards. We got some terrific feedback on gameplay during the demo and very early access duration, including:.

“The effectiveness of headers from corner kicks and crosses .
“The efficiency of finesse shots.
“The reliability of lofted through-balls.
“We aim to update you in the near future with excellent news on the recognized gameplay tweaks.”.

In the meantime, the designer has issued a day-one patch for FIFA 14 that will address ” small stability issues” and bugs in the Skill Games and Production Centre modes. The designer recommends anyone playing the very early access version of the game – offered to EA Sports Period Ticket holders – Full Content – to use the update before continuing.

” Lastly, we understand that some individuals are experiencing freezes throughout the game. We remain to investigate these reports inside, and with our partners, and will update the community when we know more,” it concluded.

Finesse shots and goinged goals in specific are extremely common in the shipping variation of FIFA 14, as I wrote in our FIFA 14 testimonial on Monday. I invested many of my day off the other day sprinting down the wing in Ultimate Team and crossing to Stefan Kiessling to score, at least when I wasn’t using the scoop turn to create space for Henrikh Mkhitaryan to send out a finesse shot into the leading corner.

EA has made a huge tune and dance this year about how strength and shielding need to slow the speed of the game, and while both aspects serve, the shipping version of the game is still rather frenzied, with high ratings common. It’s unbelievably great fun, mind you, however the developer’s forum post recommends it’s not supposed to be quite this amazing.

FIFA 14 is out for current-gen systems and PC this Friday, 27th September, in Europe, with next-gen versions due for the launch of PS4 and Xbox One link.

The left trigger is now used mainly for securing the ball from protectors. Holding the trigger causes your player to secure the ball, a method that seems particularly effective along the wings, yet otherwise inadequate against even a mediocre protection. Still, it triggers your player to slow down and wait for teammates to better position themselves to get a pass, which likewise happened much slower than I would like. When sprinting, the ball gets knocked a little more away than it did a year back, providing more susceptability to faster styles of play, particularly when considering tweaks made to First Touch Control.

Introduced in 2012, First Touch Control causes more unpredictability in the ball’s motions, and this year it’s more conscious less proficient sportsmens. This causes a much clearer differentiation in how groups play and how players efficiently relocate the ball around the pitch. While I cannot always state that Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo feel different from one an additional, they certainly perform much better than a no-name player from some two-star Chilean club. The previous 2 super stars might be able to obtain away with sprinting around the field a little and still stay clear of conflict, however with the majority of groups you’ll require to employ a slower, more planned technique, as less proficient sportsmens are more most likely to lose control of the ball.

If EA Canada’s objective is to get rid of the probably low- cost “sprint and through pass” strategy used by some in the past, they ‘ve done an admirable job in doing this with the game’s AI alone. In the mid-to-high problem levels, the opposition dispatches passes and makes tackles with simplicity, then knocks the ball around your difficulties when on the attack. It appeared as if challengers, despite their supposed ability level, navigated the field and the openings in my defense a lot easier than my team could. Furthermore, do not trouble trying to take on a CPU-controlled player that is sprinting along the sideline while shielding the ball; it appears downright impossible to obtain the ball far from them until they’re currently in the box and approaching the net. The saving grace right here is that slide dealing with is more sensible this year and no more a ensured charge, thanks in part to a slightly cleaned-up physics engine that does not have players falling over one various other as much.

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